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Riyaz Aly
Riyaz Aly (Photo Credit - Riyaz Aly Instagram)

Riyaz Aly  Life Introduction
  Name     Riyaz Afreen
  Nickname     Raj
  Profession     Internet celebrity
  Date Of Birth     14 September 2003
  Day Of Birth     Sunday
  Birth Place     Jaigaon, Bhutan
  Birth City     Jaigaon
  Birth Hospital      Not Know
  Age      16 (As 2019)
  Nationality     Indian
  Hometown     Jaigaon, Bhutan
  Sun Sign     Cancer
  Religion     Islam
  Caste     Islam
  Ethnicity     Sindhi
  Address     Mumbai
  Habit     Creative Video
  Food Habit     Non - Vegetarian
  Dislike     Height
  Blood Group     B-
  Any Disease     Not Know
  Political Inclination     N/S
  Famous For     TikTok Star

Riyaz Aly Family

   Riyaz Aly   Family
  Mother     Shabnam Afreen
  Father     Liton Aly
  Brother     N/A
  Sister     Riza Afreen
  Cousin     Name Not Known
  Grandmother     Name Not Known
  Grandfather     Name Not Known

Riyaz Aly Family
Riyaz Aly Family (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Love Affair

   Riyaz Aly  Love Affair
  Marital Status     Unmarried
  Girlfriend     Anushka Sen
  first crush     Anushka Sen
  Wife      N/A
  Marriage Date     N/A
  Marriage Place     N/A
  Marriage country     N/A
  Daughter     N/A
  Son     N/A
  Father-In-Law     N/A
  Mother-In-Law     N/A
  Sister-In-Law     N/A

Riyaz Aly Favorite Things

   Riyaz Aly  Favorite Things
  Actor     Varun DhawanKARTIK ARYAN
  Actress     Alia, Deepika
  Rapper     Raftaar
  Dancer     Nora Fatehi
  Cricketer     MS Dhoni
  Pet     Dog
  beverage     Coffee
  TikTok Star     Mr. Faisu
  Singer     Neha Kakkar
  Sports     Cricket
  Colour     Black
  Youtuber     Prajakta Koli

Riyaz Aly With Deepika Padukone
Riyaz Aly With Deepika Padukone (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly With Faisu
Riyaz Aly With Faisu (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly With Neha Kakkar
Riyaz Aly With Neha Kakkar (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly With KARTIK AARYAN (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Physical Stats

   Riyaz Aly  Physical Stats
  Height     179 cm
  Weight     53 kg
  Body Measurement     35-28-15
  Eye Color     Black
  Hair Color     Light Red
  Sexual Orientation     Straight
  Body Type     Hourglass
  Shoe Size     9 US
  Shirt Size     6 US

Riyaz Aly Net Worth

   Riyaz Aly  Net Worth
  Bike Collections     Royal Enfield, KTM
  Car Collection     Mercedes
  Salary     Rs. 40 Thousand
  Income     Rs. 5 Lakh (year)
  Net Worth (2019)     Rs. 20-25 Lakh

Riyaz Aly With KTM
Riyaz Aly With KTM (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly With Mercedes
Riyaz Aly With Mercedes (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly With Royal Enfield
Riyaz Aly With Royal Enfield (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Education

   Riyaz Aly  Education
  School      SHMD School
  S. City     Jaigaon
  S. Friend      Not Know
  Collage      Not Known
  C. City     Jaigaon
  C. Friend      Not Know
  Quality     10th Pass
  10Th Result     Not Know
  10Th Mark     Not Know
  12Th Result     Not Know
  12Th Mark     Not Know
  Teacher      Not Know

Riyaz Aly Social Media

   Riyaz Aly  Social Media
  Twitter     Yes
  Instagram     Yes
  youtube     Yes
  TikTok     Yes
  Facebook     Yes
  Website     -

Riyaz Aly Age

Friends, Riyaz Aly has become a celebrity at a very young age. She is currently in class 10. That is, his age is 16 years as of 2020.

Riyaz Aly Age
Riyaz Aly Age (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Height

Friends, Riyaz Aly maybe younger. But his height is 179 cm according to the year 2020.

Riyaz Aly Height
Riyaz Aly Height (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Mother

Friends, mother of riyaz Aly means mother's name is Shabnam Afreen. She is a 50 years old woman. Who is a housewife?
Riyaz Aly Mother
Riyaz Aly Mother (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Father

Friends, Riyaz Aly's father's name is Liton Aly. Apart from the name, we do not know anything about Liton but as soon as we know. We will update the post in the same way.

Riyaz Aly Father
Riyaz Aly Father (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Brother

Friends, we do not know the name of riyaz aly brother and do not know whether riyaz aly has a brother or not.

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Riyaz Aly Sister

My friend, Riyaz Ali's sister is also a Tik Tok superstar like her. His name is Riza Afreen. Riza has over 6 lakh followers on her Instagram.

Riyaz Aly Sister
Riyaz Aly Sister (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Girlfriend

Avneet KaurRiyaz Aly's first girlfriend Avneet Kaur is an Indian television actress. The two first met while shooting for the song Pahadan. After this song, discussion of their affair began. But Riyaz Aly and Avneet Kaur have never said openly that they are in a relationship.

Riyaz Aly With Avneet Kaur
Riyaz Aly With Avneet Kaur (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Anushka Sen - Riyaz Aly's name was also associated with Bollywood actress Anushka Sen. But their relation did not last long and both of them broke up.

Riyaz Aly Girlfriend
Riyaz Aly With Anushka Sen (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly Instagram

Friends, Riyaz Aly has 5.4 million followers on Instagram. Friends, Riyaz Aly has been followed by Bollywood playback singer Neha Kakkar on Instagram. Which is Riyaz Aly's favorite singer.

Riyaz Aly Phone Number

Friends, Riyaz Aly's phone number if you need it. So you have to contact Riyaz Aly first. And you can contact Riyaz Aly on Instagram or Tik Tok. Only then you can get the real number of Riyaz Aly.

Interesting Facts About Riyaz Aly

Does Riyaz Aly Sm*ke?: Yes

Riyaz Aly loved Doraemon and cing chan cartoons as a childhood.

A few days ago Riyaz Aly came live on Instagram with world number one singer Justin Bieber. But Justin Bieber did not recognize Riyaz Aly and Justin Bieber asked Riyaz Aly what is your name?

After which a lot of Roast videos of Riyaz Aly were made on YouTube.

Riyaz Aly has made videos with Tik Tok stars such as Jannat Zubair, Faisal Khan, And Avneet Kaur.

Friends, in an interview, Riyaz Aly said that I started the gym at the age of 18. The reason for starting the gym was Riyaz Aly's fat belly. Riyaz Aly further said that at the age of 14, my weight had gone to around 100 kg.

Riyaz Aly shared the first post on his Instagram account on AUGUST 6, 2018.

Riyaz Aly First Instagram Post
Riyaz Aly First Instagram Post (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly's name comes in rich tiktoker of India, he uses expensive phone from Apple company.

Riyaz Aly With Her Phone
Riyaz Aly With His Phone (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly loves playing guitar in his spare time and plays very good guitar.

Riyaz Aly Playing Guitar
Riyaz Aly Playing Guitar (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly and India's famous social media celebrities Mr faisu, Pratik Gaur, and Hasnain khan are very good friends. And Mr faisu, Hasnain khan, Pratik Gaur, and Riyaz Aly make very good videos with each other.

Riyaz Aly With Pratik Gaur
Riyaz Aly With Pratik Gaur (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly With Mr Faisu
Riyaz Aly With Mr. Faisu (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly With Hasnain khan
Riyaz Aly With Hasnain khan (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly celebrated Diwali of 2019 with his friend Ashnoor Kaur. Like he has shared on his Instagram.

Riyaz Aly With Ashnoor Kaur
Riyaz Aly With Ashnoor Kaur (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly and his sister Riza Afreen are more friends than siblings.

Riyaz Aly With Riza Afreen
Riyaz Aly With Riza Afreen (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Riyaz Aly made a funny video with the recent Neha Kakkar and Deepika Padukone.

Riyaz Aly Youtube Video

1.  Radio City India Friends, riyaz aly gave an interview on the Radio City India YouTube channel last month. He told about his life and something about himself. In this interview, riyaz aly told about all his struggles.

1. Part - 1

2. Part - 2

2. First Time Delhi Friends, riyaz aly is a very famous child artist. She first came to meet her fan in Delhi. Then you can see the view of yourself there.

3. Delhi kiss - Friends, riyaz aly came to Delhi to meet his fan. All fans of Riyaz Ali coming to Delhi started taking selfies and autograph with them. Then a girl kissed riyaz aly in front of everyone. Which was too shocking. After kissing the girl, riyaz aly was also shocked. But after the girl kissed riyaz aly looked very happy.


Riyaz Aly Song

1. PahadanFriends, Riyaz Aly recently worked in a song video with his girlfriend Avneet Kaur. The name of this song is Pahadan. Which is sung by new singer Rajat Nagpal. The song was uploaded on YouTube's Desi Music Factory channel. Which has so far received 39 million views and 1 million likes. The lyrics for this song are written by Gurnazar Chattha.

Riyaz Aly Pahadan Song
Riyaz Aly Pahadan Song (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Friends, many people saw the song Pahadan and enjoyed it. But friends, there were a lot of missteps in the video of the song. Which made the song a bit bad.

2. Yaari hai - Friends, Rishtant Riyaz Aly collaborated with Siddharth Nigam in a song video with Bollywood singer Tony Kakkar. The name of this song is Yaari hai. This song is above Best Friendship. The song was also uploaded on the YouTube channel Desi Music Factory. The song has received 105 million views and 2 million likes. The lyrics of this song have also been written by Tony.

Riyaz Aly Yaari Hai Song
Riyaz Aly Yaari Hai Song (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Friends, many people saw the song Yaari hai and enjoyed it. But friends, there were a lot of missteps in the video of the song. Which made the song a bit bad.

3. Daily Daily - The song titled DAILY DAILY was uploaded on the Desi Music Factory YouTube channel on 13 Feb 2020. This song was sung by Neha Kakkar. The song also featured Avneet Kaur with Riyaz Aly. Riyaz Aly had said in an interview that his Daily Daily is a favorite song.

Riyaz Aly DAILY DAILY Song
Riyaz Aly DAILY DAILY Song (Photo Credit - Instagram)

4. Superstar - We saw Anushka Sen with Riyaz Aly in the song Superstar. The song Superstar was sung by Bollywood's finest singer Neha Kakkar. The song was uploaded to the Desi Music Factory YouTube channel on 7 Jan 2020.

People have given a very good response to the song Superstar. The song has crossed 100 million views in just three months.

5. Manjha - In the song Manjha, we see Riyaz Aly only in the beginning. The song featured Salman Khan's sister's husband Aayush Sharma & Bollywood actress Saiee Manjrekar.

Riyaz Aly TikTok

Friends, Riyaz Aly has more than 25 million followers on Tik Tok. Friends, Riyaz Aly's Tik Tok username is riyaz.14. Friends, Riyaz Aly has also made a video with Neha on Tik Tok. Which you can see below.

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