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Saina Nehwal
Saina Nehwal (Photo Credit - Instagram)

 Saina   Life Introduction
  Name     Saina Nehwal
  Nickname     Steffi Saina
  Profession     Badminton Player
  Date Of Birth     17 March 1990
  Day Of Birth     Saturday
  Birth Place     Hisar, Haryana
  Birth City     Hisar
  Birth Hospital      Not Know
  Age      31 (2021)
  Nationality     Indian
  Hometown     Hisar, Haryana
  Sun Sign     Pisces
  Religion     Hinduism
  Caste     Jat 
  Ethnicity     Not Know
  Address     Hisar, Haryana
  Habit     Traveling
  Food Habit     Vegetarian
  Like     Reading
  Blood Group     Not Know
  Any Disease     Not Know
  Political Inclination     N/S
  Famous For     Indian Badminton Player

Saina Nehwal Family

  Saina   Family
  Mother     Usha Nehwal
  Father     Harvir Singh Nehwal
  Brother     N/A
  Sister     Abu Nehwal
  Cousin     Not Know
  Grandmother     Not Know
  Grandfather     Not Know

Saina Nehwal With Her Parent
Saina Nehwal With Her Parent (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Saina Nehwal With Her Sister
Saina Nehwal With Her Sister (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Saina Nehwal Love Affair

  Saina   Love Affair
  Marital Status     Married
  Boyfriends     Parupalli Kashyap 
  first crush     Not Know
  Husband     Parupalli Kashyap
  Marriage Date     2018
  Marriage Place     Hyderabad
  Marriage country     India
  Daughter     Not Know
  Son     Not Know
  Father-In-Law     Uday Shankar
  Mother-In-Law     Subhadra Shankar

Saina Nehwal Husband
Saina Nehwal With Her Husband (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Saina Nehwal Favorite Things

  Saina   Favorite Things
  Actor     Aamir Khan
  Actress     Deepika Padukone
  Film     Sholay
  Food     Aloo Paratha
  Cricketer     Sachin Tendulkar
  Tennis Player     Roger Federer
  Comedian     Kapil Sharma
  Book     Not Know
  Place     USA
  Sports     Cricket
  Colour     Black
  Quotes     Not Know

Saina and Aamir Khan
Saina Nehwal With Aamir Khan (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Saina Nehwal Physical Stats

  Saina   Physical Stats
  Height     169 cm
  Weight     69 kg
  Body Measurement     35-23-35
  Eye Color     Brown
  Hair Color     Black
  Sexual Orientation     Straight
  Body Type     Hourglass
  Shoe Size     8 US
  Shirt Size     10 US

Saina Nehwal Net Worth

  Saina   Net Worth
  Bike Collections     Not Know
  Car Collection     BMW
  Salary     Not Know
  Income     Not Know
  Net Worth (2019)     $1M

Saina Nehwal Education

  Saina   Education
  School      Campus School, CCS HAU
  S. City     Hisar
  S. Friend      Not Know
  Collage      None
  C. City     None
  C. Friend      Not Know
  Quality     12th
  10Th Result     Not Know
  10Th Mark     Not Know
  12Th Result     Not Know
  12Th Mark     Not Know
  Teacher      Not Know

Saina Nehwal Social Media

  Saina   Social Media
  Twitter     Yes
  Instagram     Yes
  youtube     -
  Wikipedia     Yes
  Facebook     Yes
  Website     -

Saina Nehwal Age

Saina Nehwal is 31 years old in the year 2021. Saina Nehwal was born in the year 1990.

Saina Nehwal Height

The height of Saina Nehwal is 169 cm in the year 2021.

Saina Nehwal Husband

Saina got married in 2014. Her husband's name is Parupalli Kashyap. Kashyap is also a Saina badminton player.

Saina Nehwal Husband
Saina Nehwal With Her Husband (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Saina Nehwal And Kashyap Love Story

Saina had said before marriage that if I marry, then I will do it with a Badminton player. Both Saina and Kashyap are from Hyderabad. Talking about the love story of these two, their first meeting was at the Badminton Academy of Pullela Gopichand in Hyderabad.

Saina and Kashyap's first meeting formed a very good friendship. Both Saina and Kashyap had been in a relationship for about 10 years.

In the year 2018, when Saina started praising Kashyap for her best performance. Saina said that Kashyap was a big contributor to her gold in the 2014 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Then everyone felt that there is something between the two but they kept telling each other as friends.

Kashyap used to accompany Saina whenever she went for a walk. Saina and Kashyap have many pictures with each other on their account. Similarly, they got married in 2014.

Saina Nehwal Awards

Saina has won many awards based on her outstanding performance. This award that everyone wants as much as.

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards

Saina Nehwal Achievement
Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Friends, now we are going to tell you about the winning medal of Saina.
Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2006

  Tournament  Position
  Commonwealth Games      3
  Philippines Open Grand Prix     1

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2007

  Tournament  Position
  National Games     1

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2008

  Tournament  Position
  World Junior Badminton Championships     1
  Chinese Taipei Open     1

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2009

  Tournament  Position
  Arjuna Award     Win
  Indonesia Open     3

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2010

  Tournament  Position
  Padma Shri     Win
  Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna     Win
  Hong Kong Open     2
  Commonwealth Game     1
  Singapore Open     1
  Yonex Sunrise Indian Open     1
  Badminton Asia Championships     3
  India Open     2
  Hong Kong Open     2
  Singapore Open     1

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2011

  Tournament  Position
  Swiss Open     2

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2012

  Tournament  Position
  London Olympics     3
  Denmark Open     2
  Swiss Open     1
  Indonesia Super     1
  Aka     1

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2014

  Tournament  Position
  Asian Games     3
  China Super     2
  Australian Open     1

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2015

  Tournament  Position
  India Super     2
  World Championships     2

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2016

  Tournament  Position
  Australian Open     1
  Padma Bhushan     Win

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2017

  Tournament  Position
  Malaysia Masters     1
  World Badminton Championships     3

Saina Nehwal Achievements And Awards Year 2018

  Tournament  Position
  Commonwealth Games     1
  Commonwealth Games     1
  Asian Badminton Championships     3

Saina Nehwal Marriage

Saina Nehwal Marriage
Saina Nehwal With Her Husband (Photo Credit - Instagram)

Friends, Saina and Kashyap were married on Friday 14 December 2018 at the Orion villas hotel. Friends, 40 people including the family of both came into this marriage. And both gave their wedding reception 2 days later on 16 December.

Friends, Saina and Kashyap have been blessed by many celebrities through their social accounts. 

Saina Nehwal And Pv Sindhu

Saina and Sindhu are good women badminton players of India. Who has won the medal for India? Saina has 9 rankings in 2019. Sindhu had 2 rankings in 2014.

Saina Nehwal Olympic Medals

Saina has won three medals so far. Saina won the bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Saina won the bronze medal one more time at the 2018 Asian Games. Saina won the Kasya Medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Saina Nehwal Education

Saina hails from the state of Haryana. He did all his studies at Campus School, CCS HAU, Hisar School. But Saina never went to college. After school, he shifted his focus to his career.

Saina Nehwal Family

There are five people in the family of Saina. saina's father's name is Harvir Singh Nehwal. Saina's father is a scientist. Usha Nehwal is the mother's name of Saina. saina's mother is a housewife. Saina also has an elder sister named Abu Chandranshu Nehwal. Saina does not have a brother.

Interesting Facts About Saina Nehwal 

Friends, Saina was born in the state of Haryana, India, but due to her father's career, she shifted from Haryana to today's Telangana state.

When Saina was born, her grandfather was not happy. The reason was that his grandfather wanted to be a boy. But what did his grandfather know that this daughter would later brighten the name of the country.

Saina is good not only in badminton but also in karate. He won a brown belt in karate.

Saina's favorite tennis women's player is Steffi Graf. For this reason, Saina's mother calls Saina Steffi Saina. 

Friends, Saina opened an Instagram account on AUGUST 26, 2014. And this was the first post he posted on his Instagram account.

It was a bad thing for Saina's career when she suffered an injury during a tournament in 2016. Due to this injury, she could not play any match.

Saina trained in badminton from Gopichand Badminton Academy as a childhood.

Friends, people who do great work get the award. And when it comes to Saina. So he has received many awards from the Indian government.

Saina loves the Kapil Sharma show. He has become a guest on this show twice.

In the London Olympics held from 27 July to 12 August 2012, Saina won the bronze medal due to good performance. Which is a matter of pride for the country of India. And in the joy of winning the medal, cricket lord Sachin Tendulkar gave a car gift to Saina.

Saina's father is also a state-level badminton player. Therefore, he asked his daughter to fulfill her unfulfilled dream.

On the advice of a badminton coach, Saina started playing badminton at the age of 6.

In the film based on the life of Saina Nehwal, Shraddha Kapoor was earlier to play Saina Nehwal. But for some reason, Parineeti Chopra played the role of Saina Nehwal in place of Shraddha Kapoor. Right now Parineeti Chopra is preparing for badminton from Saina Nehwal.

The teaser of the Saina film based on the life of Saina Nehwal has been launched. The film is scheduled to release on 26 March 2021

Saina Nehwal Career

Saina, who started her career from the 2005 Asian Badminton Satellite tournament, is a matter of pride for India today.

Saina's father is a state-level badminton player. He only asked Saina to play. Saina plays badminton since childhood. Saina later made badminton her career. So let's talk about Saina's career. 

Friends, the names of three coaches of Saina have been made public. Which includes Pullela Gopichand, Nani Prasad Rao, and Vimal Kumar. Friends, Saina may have more coaches. Whose names we do not know.

Saina won her first tournament in the year 2003:

Saina won the first tournament of her career at the "Junior CJAC Open" in 2003.

2004 Saina Commonwealth Youth Games:

Saina lost in the finals at the Commonwealth Youth Games held in 2007 after the Junior CJC Open tournament. That means Saina got second place in this tournament.

Saina won the year 2005:

In the Asian Satellite Badminton Tournament held in 2005, Saina recorded another win. And strengthened his career.

Saina's performance in 2006:

Saina participated in the Philippines Open in the year 2006. Saina was only 16 years old at the time of this tournament. And in this tournament, the youngest became the first player to win under-19.

Saina's performance in 2007:

Saina did not win any tournament in the year 2006. This year proved to be bad for his career.

Saina's performance in 2008:

After the year 2007, Saina showed a good game in 2008. In 2008, Saina won the "World Junior Badminton Championship" tournament. Became the first Indian badminton player to win this tournament. 2008 was the best year for Saina's career as Saina also won the tournament after this. Which includes the 'Indian National Badminton Championship', 'Commonwealth Youth Games' and 'Chinese Tapi Open Grand Prix Gold' tournament.

Saina's performance in 2009:

In 2009, Saina won the "Indonesia Open" tournament. This year, Saina received the Arjuna Award from the Government of India for his outstanding performance.

Saina's performance in 2010:

In 2010, Saina won major tournaments including Singapore Open Series, Hong Kong Super Series, India Open Grand Prix Gold, and Indonesia Open Super Series.

Saina's performance in 2011:

In 2011, Saina won another major tournament, which includes Indonesia Open Super Series Premier, Swiss Open Grand Prix Gold, Malaysia Open Grand Prix Gold.

Saina's performance in 2012:

In the year 2012, Saina did a wonderful job. This year he won the Bronze medal at the London Olympics. Saina was very happy after this victory. Haryana government gave 1 crore to Saina for this win.

Saina's performance in 2014:

In the year 2011, Saina defeated PV Sindhu to win the India Open Grand Prix Gold Tournament and took the 7th position in the world ranking.

Saina's performance in 2015:

In 2015, Saina won the India Open BWF Super Series. Saina also won big tournaments in the same year in which she won the "Women's Open Singles" by 'India Open Grand Prix Gold', All England Badminton, and "India Open BWF Racking Super Series". And Saina became the world's number 1 badminton player in the World Federation rankings.

Saina's performance in 2018:

In the year 2018, Saina lost the Asian Badminton Championship. Saina won the gold medal by defeating PV Sindhu in the Commonwealth Games final in 2018.

Saina's performance in 2019:

Saina won the Indonesia Masters tournament in the year 2019. This is how Saina made her career. And brightened his name with India.

Saina Nehwal Advertisement

Friends, Saina takes 60-60 lakh rupees for an advertisement. And they have promoted many brands. You can see the list below.

  Year  Brand
  2018     Rasna
  2016     Huawei
  2015     Smartphone
  2015     Bajaj Nomarks
  2015     Kaira
  2014     Edelweiss Group
  2016     Flipkart
  2011     Yonex
  2012     Sahara
  2013     Indian Overseas Bank
  2012     Iodex
  2011     Herbalife
  2015     Savlon India
  2017     Vaseline
  2016     Kellogg’s
  2018     Commune Builder
  2016     Herbalife Nutrition
  2018     Star Sports
  2016     Emami
  2017     NECC
  2015     Godrej

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